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Feb 19, 2021
In addition to our terms of service, we like to be transparent here at Share YouTube Videos. In this topic, you will find what behavior is strictly prohibited in our community and the punishments for the members who are breaking it. If you would like to remind yourself of the Terms of Service, please visit this weblink.

Prohibited Activities: List​

Low Quality: (+2 Points) We ask that you spend time and add value to your message when you post. Explain yourself, add lots of valuable information, and contribute to GoSocialize Forums. Please refrain from spamming or posting one-worded replies as it's deemed as being too vague.
Plagiarism: (+5 Points) Plagiarism is where you copy and paste content, trying to pass it as your own work. You must obtain explicit permission from the author and use citations correctly to avoid plagiarising.
Illegal Activities: (+15 points) Illegal activities online can range from hacking, scamming, posting pornographic images, using racist terminology, fraud, or using an exploit or glitch on GoSocialize personal gain.
Negative Behaviour: (+5 Points) Negative behavior can consist of using swear words in a way that could cause alarm and distress, harassment, bullying, or anything else that is deemed to be for malicious gain. For example, replying to a topic telling a member to "Google it" or by saying "that's a stupid question" will result in a board warning, which could ultimately lead to an account suspension.

Prohibited Activities: Punishments​

We run on a points system. Points can be accumulated through board warnings, and all points are set to expire within 6 months from the date of issue. We will always contact you through Private Message if you are issued with one, with the reason and your rights to appeal.

15 Points = Permanent Ban
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