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5 Easy ways to get and retain more out of the Books You Read.

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Well, I didn’t like reading when I was young. Back then, you would find people reading almost everywhere, be it on the train, coffee shop, mall, queues etc. Unlike today, when people spend more time on their phones.


Since reading books was the thing to do at the time, I had to change my attitude towards the book. Also, my parents had a bunch of books and dailies that I could not resist reading back then. That marked the development of my reading culture. With time, I developed an interest in non-fictional books and autobiography. My interest in these two genres was so deep that I unconsciously developed some skills or routines that would help me absorb much from the books I read.

Recently, am reading thrice as many books as I was reading back then. But it is important to note that, how many books you read I not as important as how much you absorb from the book you read. Very few people will have a strategy before they...

How Lockdowns are Affecting Peoples Mental Health

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It is over a year now with over 112 million cases of COVID reported globally with 2.47Million deaths. Fortunately, the have been over 63 million people who have recovered from the virus, this is a good signal. Coupled with the ongoing vaccination drive, things seem to be looking up.

But how has the pandemic and the lockdown measures affected the people’s mental health? This is the big question that most government fail to ask. There has been a huge increase of stress and depressions during this period. Most of which is caused by the fact that hundreds of thousands of people either lost their jobs or got pay cuts. Such drastic and abrupt changes in the incomes have affected a huge number of people mentally.

Additionally, some people have also been affected by virtue of being dependents to those who lost their jobs. I have personally been a victim of job cut, and I would say for a moment, before I got something to do online...